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Scott Cartwright

Welcome to 'The Skincare Sherpa' podcast, your ultimate guide to embarking on a transformative journey in the world of skincare, hair care, body care, and even pet care products. Join us as we explore the exciting terrain of building and growing a brand from the ground up, right from the heart of an entrepreneur's own journey. In each episode, your host, Scott Cartwright, a dedicated skincare entrepreneur, takes you by the hand and invites you to look over his shoulder as he navigates the complex and thrilling world of creating a skincare empire. From formulating products that make a difference to finding the perfect packaging, sourcing quality ingredients, building a brand identity, and everything in between – he's your trusted guide on this adventure. Your very own sherpa. Whether you're an aspiring beauty mogul or simply curious about what it takes to make it in the skincare industry, 'The Skincare Sherpa' offers a unique blend of insider insights, expert interviews, and practical tips to help you chart your own course in the world of skincare and beyond. So, grab your compass and join us on this expedition of knowledge and inspiration. 'The Skincare Sherpa' is your passport to unlocking the secrets of building a successful skincare, hair care, body care, or pet care brand from the ground up. Let's climb the peaks of entrepreneurship together and reach the summit of success. Your adventure starts here!